Exercise equipment: Sorting out Fact from Fiction

Muscle building and gym machines are often inter-linked by the fitness savvy people. Yet, exercising is not always restricted to muscle building. Many people, who want to stay healthy and active, prefer different exercising products or gym machines. If you too want to stay in shape for a longer period of time, you can also use different exercising products at home or visit a gym. Yet, before starting with your regime, you need to do some sorting out fact from fiction on exercise products:

Stability ball can tighten core muscles and make them strong- This is one of the most common myths related to exercising products. Instead of going to a gym, many will just suggest you to get a stability ball and exercise on it to tighten the core muscles of your body. Many will also suggest these balls for improving the overall strength of your core muscles as well as back muscles. However, this is a complete myth and you can strengthen your muscles only by using the right machines. Yet, stability balls can be used for exercising purpose but that should be done under the guidance of the experts, as the size of the ball is very important in determining your fitness level.


Exercising on multi-gym- Many people may ask you to refrain from machine exercises, as these will affect your body joints in the long run. There are several fitness experts, who consider that the repetitive movements and the unnatural motions of the multi-gym machines will harm your joints. It may also cause repetitive motion injury. However, that is not the complete truth. If you practice any exercise without the guidance of a trainer, you might end up hurting your joints and muscles. However, if you do it under the supervision of an expert, you will be able to keep yourself fit and active with regular exercise.


Home gyms- There are people, who seldom recommend the use of home gym machines as these might affect your muscles in a negative way. You may also hear that the machines used at home and the ones used at gyms do not offer the same level of efficacy. This is not the complete truth. Like the gymnasiums, the exercising products used at home are also effective, provided you know how to use them in the right way.


Muscle building- If you are interested in muscle building and do not know whether it will be wrong to join a gym, as people say machine exercises do not improve muscle size or strength, you need to know the truth. The machines designed for muscle building are adjusted depending on the need of the user and offer better results than dumbbells or barbells. Compared to free weight exercises, machine exercising is better for improving muscle strength as well as size.


Myths and fictions have been used for tarnishing the image of several fitness products. However, if you are someone, who wants to stay in shape, you need to differentiate between the facts and fiction, when making the decision.

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