Sorting Out Fact From Fiction On Foods

Too many people have some misconception about the diet products. With the wrong information, such people end up having poor health. For that, here is a guide that helps in sorting out fact from fiction on diet products.

• Not all fats are healthy

A lot of people misconceive that every fat is good for their health. Conversely, many suffer from heart-related diseases. One of the top contributors to the heart diseases is the unhealthy fat consumed. Some of the unhealthy fats that you should cut off your diet list include saturated fats, trans fat, and dietary cholesterol. These fats will be found in foods like tropical oils, processed foods, cheese, or butter. Ideally, go for sources of healthy fats like the virgin olive oil, fish, flaxseeds, walnuts, and chia seeds.

• Not all fish contain high mercury levels

Another fiction that many people believe is that every fish contain high levels of mercury that can be dangerous to the health. Top health institutions advise people to eat more than two fatty fish in a week to improve their cardiovascular health. Some of the fish that contains high mercury levels include King Mackerel, Shark, tilefish, and swordfish. The common fish like salmon, light tuna, shrimp, catfish, and Pollock, contain low to no levels of mercury.

• Eggs can be lethal contributors of bad cholesterol

While eggs tend to be nutritious, and contain levels of vitamin B12, protein, folate, riboflavin, and Vitamin D, they can also increase the levels of bad cholesterol. The egg yolk is said to have about 220mg of dietary cholesterol. When you consume too many eggs, they can lead to high cholesterol levels that can be lethal. Ideally, you can eat the egg white alone, and you will still enjoy the vital nutrients.

• Dairy products are not exactly lethal to your health

A lot of people misconceive that dairy products have lethal effects to the health. Some believe that fresh milk from the cow contains unfavorable levels of lactose, along with milk-protein that can be an allergen. Some also complain of bloating and grouchy bowel when they consume dairy products. Before you switch to rice, almonds, or soy milk, you should check with your health specialist. Some people will not react negatively to fresh dairy products.

• Too much cheese can be lethal

Many misconceive that cheese is a good source of protein. One thing you should keep in mind is that most of the cheese consumed in America have high levels of saturated fat, which is unhealthy. Other than saturated fat, cheese also contains high sodium levels. On the contrary, cheese is not exactly a lean protein source. Amazingly, people still consume a lot of cheese that tend to be lethal for their health. Even though it contains some levels of calcium, protein, along with phosphorus, it is still lethal. The best way to ensure you consume healthy cheese is to check the fat levels before purchasing it.

Always consume healthy and balanced diet to stay healthy throughout. To ensure that you watch your health properly, avoid taking any food in excess. Even though carbs might not necessarily increase your fat content in the body, you still need to consider the type and amount of carbs that you consume.


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Exercise equipment: Sorting out Fact from Fiction

Muscle building and gym machines are often inter-linked by the fitness savvy people. Yet, exercising is not always restricted to muscle building. Many people, who want to stay healthy and active, prefer different exercising products or gym machines. If you too want to stay in shape for a longer period of time, you can also use different exercising products at home or visit a gym. Yet, before starting with your regime, you need to do some sorting out fact from fiction on exercise products:

Stability ball can tighten core muscles and make them strong- This is one of the most common myths related to exercising products. Instead of going to a gym, many will just suggest you to get a stability ball and exercise on it to tighten the core muscles of your body. Many will also suggest these balls for improving the overall strength of your core muscles as well as back muscles. However, this is a complete myth and you can strengthen your muscles only by using the right machines. Yet, stability balls can be used for exercising purpose but that should be done under the guidance of the experts, as the size of the ball is very important in determining your fitness level.


Exercising on multi-gym- Many people may ask you to refrain from machine exercises, as these will affect your body joints in the long run. There are several fitness experts, who consider that the repetitive movements and the unnatural motions of the multi-gym machines will harm your joints. It may also cause repetitive motion injury. However, that is not the complete truth. If you practice any exercise without the guidance of a trainer, you might end up hurting your joints and muscles. However, if you do it under the supervision of an expert, you will be able to keep yourself fit and active with regular exercise.


Home gyms- There are people, who seldom recommend the use of home gym machines as these might affect your muscles in a negative way. You may also hear that the machines used at home and the ones used at gyms do not offer the same level of efficacy. This is not the complete truth. Like the gymnasiums, the exercising products used at home are also effective, provided you know how to use them in the right way.


Muscle building- If you are interested in muscle building and do not know whether it will be wrong to join a gym, as people say machine exercises do not improve muscle size or strength, you need to know the truth. The machines designed for muscle building are adjusted depending on the need of the user and offer better results than dumbbells or barbells. Compared to free weight exercises, machine exercising is better for improving muscle strength as well as size.


Myths and fictions have been used for tarnishing the image of several fitness products. However, if you are someone, who wants to stay in shape, you need to differentiate between the facts and fiction, when making the decision.

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Exercise — it’s not just for looks

Why exercise is SO important: the many benefits.

Do you regularly exercise? If you don’t, then you better start. This is because without exercise your muscles will become weak and flabby. In fact, if you want to feel better, live longer, and even have more energy exercising is very important. The many health benefits of exercising are hard to ignore. Regardless of your age, physical ability, and sex the many benefits of exercise are yours for the taking. Here is why exercise is SO important: the many benefits.

It improves stamina

Anytime you exercise, your body uses energy to keep you going. Aerobic exercise involves rhythmic and continuous motion such as cycling and walking. By training your body to become more efficient and use less energy, your stamina improves. As your condition improves your breathing rate and heart rate returns to normal.

Exercise helps prevents diseases

As human beings, our bodies were meant to move. This is why when you sit down for long you crave exercise. Doing regular exercise is very important for good health and physical fitness. By exercising you will be minimizing the risks of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other diseases. Besides, it delays the aging process and also improves your appearance.

Exercise helps controls weight

By exercising regularly you will be able to maintain your weight and also prevent unhealthy weight gain. When you engage in any physical activity you often burn calories. It’s, therefore, important to set aside chunks of time for physical activity so that you can enjoy the many benefits. If you cannot do the actual workout you should ensure that you are active and busy throughout the day. For instance, you can opt to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Exercise improves the mood

Are you in a bad mood and need some emotional uplift? Or do you need to blow some stress off a busy day? A 30 minute walk or a workout at the gym will do the trick. Exercise or any form of physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that will definitely leave you happier and much more relaxed. Besides, after doing exercise you will feel more relaxed and happy. This will improve your self confidence and self esteem.

Exercise enhances flexibility

If your posture is bad then stretching exercises can help you a lot. These exercises help keep your body limber so that it can be able to bend, twist, and reach. By improving your flexibility, you will reduce chances of injury and improves balance and coordination. If you have tense areas, stiff and upper or lower neck performing the stenches will help you feel more relaxed.

Exercise promotes better sleep

If you are always struggling to sleep, engaging in a regular physical exercise can help you a lot. However, avoid exercising close to the time when you are going to sleep. Exercise is not only fun but it improves the quality of life. The moment you begin to exercise you will discover many more reasons why you should exercise. It can actually be a fun way of leading life, unwinding, and spending your free time.

Well, that is why exercise is so important: the many benefits.

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The importance of diet

You’ve probably heard a million times over that it takes a combination of diet AND exercise to lose weight but many people wonder ‘can you do one without the other?’ You might love to eat junk food to the point where you are struggling to stop but unfortunately you can not out-train a bad diet (except perhaps, if you were at the gym for ten hours a day!) Let’s take a further look at this topic so that you can gain the necessary knowledge and become as fit as possible.

Why you cannot “out-train” a bad diet

When it comes down to it, losing weight/getting fit is about 75% diet compared to 25% exericse. You HAVE to eat relatively well or at least have a healthy balance to get the results that you are looking for. If you eat a larger number of calories than what you burn in a day you are going to gain weight, it’s basic maths. Let’s say you burn around 300 calories at the gym, this only gives you 300 calories worth leeway. The average person has a BMR of anywhere between 1500-2000 calories (use an online tool to discover YOUR bmr using your personal stats). This means that if you eat 2300+ calories a day, you will gain weight even if you are working out.

Some folks believe that “a calorie is a calorie” so you don’t have to eat healthy, but you are going to be starving if you decide to eat 1800 calories worth of chips because it won’t amount to very much. In addition to this over time you will become ill, so this way of eating is definitely not recommended.

In addition however, this theory is simply not true. If you are physically active, you can eat all the fruit and veggies you want, as no one ever got fat even on the most high-sugar fruits. Fatty and processed foods on the other hand DO need to be limited.

The odd splurge is fine of course, nobody eats perfectly all the time but just make sure that on the whole you are eating at a calorie deficit.

What foods to eat

Not only will eating well help you to lose weight, it will also give you the energy that you need to work out. This means in addition to weight loss, you can sculpt your body and basically get ripped. Some of the foods that you should be eating include fruits, vegetables and heaps of protein. Protein will fill you up for longer, give you energy and help you in regards to building lean muscle.

Some of the best protein laden foods to eat include chicken, fish, eggs, nuts and dairy. If you need some extra protein, making a delicious fruit smoothie with some protein powder added in is definitely an option for you. Almost ANY type of food can be made healthier if you make it yourself and know what is going into your meals. Experiment in the kitchen and you might come up with some nutritious but tasty combinations. Make sure that you are drinking water almost exclusively as any other drink is basically empty calories. Drinking loads of water will help you to lose weight and also flushes bad toxins from your body.


The only way to lose weight and get fit is to eat well and exercise. Doing things at a slow and steady pace will mean that you will be much more likely to MAINTAIN your new shape. So to look better on the outside and feel better on the inside, why not start your new lifestyle today?

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The importance of Water

We’re going to start with water, because keeping the body hydrated is one of the major requirements of maintaining a healthy body. It is a well-known fact that our body weight is approximately 60% water. Even the cells, which are the most basic unit of the human body, require water in order to function optimally. It can be said that the primary function of water in the body is regulating body temperature through sweating.

It is also through this process that we lose large amounts of water, thus the need for constant rehydration. We also lose water during breathing in the form of vapor especially in cold conditions and during digestion as it is used to carry waste out of the body.

The water requirements of a person might differ from another depending on a number of factors. These are:

· The individual’s level of physical activity. The more active you are, the more water you lose through sweating.

· Climate is also a factor. People who live in hotter climates tend to lose more water through sweating.

· Health of the body. When the body gets infected, it raises its body temperature so that the pathogens causing the infection die due to the excessive heat. However the body still needs to regulate this temperature and more often than not, fever is accompanied by excessive sweating. Therefore, sick people need to hydrate more to compensate for this loss of water.

As you have seen, water is important in ensuring that our bodily functions operate within an optimal temperature. However, water has other useful purposes other than keeping our bodies from overheating. To list briefly, the main uses of water in the body are:

1. Regulating the temperature.

The body uses water to cool off by releasing it through sweat pores found under the skin. The water absorbs all the heat from the body then evaporates, cooling it in the process.

2. Hydration.

Water helps to keep the body hydrated in a number of ways. The blood plasma for example, is 92% water. Hydrating regularly helps keep the blood concentration in check. Furthermore, water is essential in major organs such as the brain, the spinal cord and in the joints, where it serves as a lubricant to prevent wearing out of the joints.

3. Waste removal.

As mentioned earlier, water is essential in digestion, where it helps in the removal of waste from the body. Organs such as the kidney and the liver rely on water in the removal of harmful wastes from the body as it acts as a neutral carrier for waste material. Moreover, in the intestinal tract, water is added to solid wastes in order to soften them, making them easier to expel from the body.

4. Digestion.

In digestion, most of the enzymes used in the breaking down of food substance are either water based or require water as a medium. In addition, it helps the movement of food substances through the alimentary canal.

How much water should you drink per day?

The most commonly recommended amounts of water to be consumed in a day is eight glasses. It might not sound very practical, however the human thirst mechanism is weak, and you may not feel thirsty often enough to stay properly hydrated, or the body can often mistake thirst for hunger. Drink water half an hour before meals to prevent this. A good indicator of proper hydration is that your urine will be clear.

A well-hydrated body will function smoothly and prevent unnecessary illnesses.

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Quick Myths

Let’s start with this video about the most common fitness myths that people believe – really helpful info here in under 2 mins!